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Kreion Lab

Kreion Lab - Laboratorio Creativo Cefalù
Kreion Lab - Laboratorio Creativo Cefalù

Who I am

Do you have a wish? A dream in the drawer? Kreion lab was mine.
It was already so clear in my mind. It didn't exist yet and I was already thinking about how to set up the windows, how to furnish it, what services to offer.

But dreams must find space first in our mind and then in reality, and I had to wait a few years before seeing my dream take shape. And finally here it is. December 2019 Kreion lab opens its doors to the world and I with it.

I didn't want a simple shop, with famous brands that can be found in every corner of every city. Kreion lab is passion, it is dedication.

The lab

I wanted to create for you and with you and thus the idea of inserting the internal laboratory in the store was born. Here all the collections take shape and in addition a personalized and dedicated service that allows you to have a jewel created specifically for the customer, whether it is a dress, an occasion or simply for a special gift.

I wanted to transform the simple purchase into an experience, into an emotion.
This is certainly what I feel every morning when I open the door to my world, where I feel myself and above all happy.

On the other hand, what is really important is not what you do, but how you do it. And I don't think I could do anything other than this.

Il Laboratorio

Come see me

Via Giacomo Matteotti 11 bis

90015 Cefalù (PA)


(+39) 3934316998

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