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Jewel care

Here are some tips to follow to keep your jewelry in perfect shape  

Gioielleria in oro

Store the individual jewels in separate compartments or in small bags that limit contact, so as to prevent the materials from becoming dull or scratched. Often, in fact, jewels of different materials require different care and in many cases they do not agree with each other.

Remove your jewelry when using creams or cleaners, as residues of these substances could cause premature wear of the metal.

The jewels that have surface treatments, ie galvanic and nano-ceramic, are subject to natural wear and tend to change and discolour. Wear always gives history and personality to your jewel, but if you want to avoid excessive deterioration, beware of alcohol-based perfumes and cosmetics, chlorine in swimming pools, skin pH and direct exposure to the sun's rays. which could also lead to total loss of treatment.

How to wash the jewelry:
Wash your jewelry by immersing it in a basin of warm water with a mild detergent. You can also use specific immersion products to polish silver, taking care to dry the bijioux well with a soft cloth and thus avoiding oxidation due to contact with sea water and objects containing sulfur.
In case of setting or claw work, you can use a simple brush for cleaning, if possible with natural bristles, so as not to scratch the silver.

How to dry the jewelry:
After washing your jewelry, always remember to dry it carefully, as humidity could cause oxidation.

For burnished finishes, clean and polish the jewelry without overdoing it. Excessive care could damage the finish, reducing the value of the object.

For cleaning natural stones, we recommend using a simple soft cloth . 

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